12900K – 12th Generation core top CPU.

12900K Box

The 12900K CPU is top level processor of 12th generation core i9. It contains 8 cores and 16 threads. As it contains “K” symbol at the end of it’s name cpu may be overclocked against it’s turbo frequencies using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 active cores mode.

12900K Specification:

  • Socket: LGA 1200
  • 8 cores, 3500 MHz
  • Boost Frequency 5.30 GHz
  • Lithography 14 nm
  • TDP 125 W
  • Cache L3: 16 MB
  • Integrated Graphics: UHD 750
  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Total Threads: 16
  • Microarchitecture: Alder Lake
  • Launch Date: Q1’21

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Performance in Games, 3D Rendering and Clip Making compared to top Level i9 13900K CPU.

The Overall Score according to the following benchmarking software: PassMark, GeekBench 4, CineBench R15, CineBench R11.5, 3DMark 06 CPU, WinRar, X264 HD 4.0 Pass 1, X264 HD 4.0 Pass 2, GeekBench 4 Single Core, CineBench R11.5 Single Core, CineBench R15 Single Core

  • Overall Score is 25743 out of 37082 for i9-13900K.


  • MotherBoards: Z790, Z690, W680, H770, H670, Q670, B760, B660, H610
  • Socket Type: 1700
  • Memory: DDR4 & DDR5
  • NVME M.2

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